Fuel For Boz Giselle

Each woman has their own needs and desires concerning their individual body types. Learning to embrace and understand the various functions and mechanics of the body is the first key step to making positive change. Having an insight on how your Body processes food and fluids, and reacts positively or negatively will help make your journey towards your goals that much more achievable!

Along with your individual nutrition plan, you will also receive ongoing support and mentoring to assist you as you work towards your goals. Knowing there is someone there for you to ‘check in’ with can make all the difference! You will not be alone on your journey to better health and well-being. It’s a proven fact that when we have accountability to someone, we respond more positively than if we ‘go it alone’

Services and Support that I can provide to you

Improving Body Composition

Nutrition for general health and well-being

Nutrition for competition

Leaning down

Bulking up

Long-term results

Support with emotional eating issues

IBS Nutrition

Gluten sensitivity

Maintenance nutrition post competition

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