Wendy Dale

I have been with Giselle from “fuel for bodz” since March 2014.

When I came to Giselle, I weighed approximately 85kg. After 12 months I now weigh 69kgs (a loss of 16kgs).

I am still on my journey but with Giselle’s guidance I have been learning about good nutrition and managing my weight and look forward to achieving my goal of losing another 6-7 kgs.

Nicolette Curtis

I first met Giselle at the beginning of 2015, I was overweight, unhappy and had no self-confidence. I wanted to lose the weight that had crept on after having my second and third child. Giselle came up with an eating plan that was easy to follow, with lots of my favorite foods (and I was never hungry!).

Along with regular sessions at the gym, the weight began to fall off and my self-confidence began to grow. Giselle was always so encouraging and so supportive, celebrating every loss no matter how big or small, and knowing she was there for me whenever I was having a bad day was great.

A year later and I was 20kgs lighter, fitter and healthier. I could not have achieved this without Giselle's support and her commitment to me. I cannot thank Giselle enough for helping me achieve my goals, I could not have done it without her.

Mark Mallinger

I first went to Fuel for Bodz in early 2015, to help me achieve my dream of
doing my first bodybuilding competition at the age of 50.

Within 8 months I had lost 22 Kilos and dropped from 20.5% body fat to around 7%, and was ready to do my first comp ahead of schedule, at the age of 49. Giselle has been working with me on my diet for 4 years and I've done 13 comps in that time.

Her expertise in getting my body to react to the slightest tweaks of my diet plan never ceases to amaze me.

I know I can always rely on Giselle to get me into the best possible shape in the right timeframe.

Of the 13 comps so far, Giselle has helped me to 2 NABBA National wins, 2 INBA National wins, 2 INBA South Pacific Champs wins, 2 INBA National 2nds, 1 INBA Universe 2nd, and several Regional NABBA titles, including the overall Mr. Auckland Athletic title in 2016.

To say I couldn't be more happy with what Giselle has helped me achieve, would be an understatement.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Giselle and Fuel For Bodz to anyone wanting help with their diet,
for whatever reason and goal they might have.

Kayleen Currie

I started seeing G in preparation for Sydney Tough Mudder 2015. G was instrumental in getting me through some tough times beforehand and I ended up in the best shape and strength that I’d been in years. It’s now 2019 and I’m still making the trip
from East Auckland to Takapuna to check in each month.

I’ve competed in numerous mud and obstacles runs over the last 4 years and it’s been great having G their to help me along the way. It keeps me focused and on track. G is a great confidant and has a wealth of knowledge that has helped me no end.

I have a big season this year and I’m confident that I will get through with flying colours thanks to G!

Kind regards

Darren Strydon

Giselle is the cornerstone in my road to health recovery. Her knowledge and experience in knowing how my body reacts and changes to food have helped me turn my life and health around. I am glad that I met G and the guidance and support she has given me has been invaluable.

Brenda McDonell

I first made contact with Giselle in 2014 following a recommendation from an online personal trainer. I did a bit of research on Giselle using social media and I could see that she was a successful competitive bodybuilder. This appealed to because I had been a competitive bodybuilder in the 1990's and was contemplating a return to the sport. From the start Giselle was very professional, encouraging and non-judgmental. She didn't reel back in horror when I told her my weight was 86 kgs. She didn't try to dissuade me from competing when I told her my bodyfat was 32% either. She simply supported me and my goal, believing in me right from the beginning.

Initially the nutrition plans Giselle wrote for me were what anyone would consider 'normal' eating the only difference being all food was measured to ensure I was getting the correct amount of calories and the right balance of carbohydrate, proteins and fats. The food was so normal in fact that my husband ate the same as me and at that stage he had no idea I was working with a Nutritionist!

Over the next 2 years Giselle wrote nutrition plans designed specifically to help me achieve the physique I needed to be able to step on stage again. Together we radically altered my body shape and composition and in 2016 Giselle guided me into my first bodybuilding competition in 17 years, aged 51 and in the best shape of my life. We continued to work together throughout 2017 and 2018. Each year Giselle would fine tune my nutrition plans to achieve the best possible results. She was always there and ready to make changes if needed, even on the day of competition. Her support through every part of the last 4 years has been invaluable.

I cannot recommend Giselle highly enough. She is a skilled and knowledgeable Nutritionist who goes above and beyond what is expected. She has encouraged me, counselled me, kept me real and had faith in me and for that I am truly grateful.

Brenda McDonell
NABBA NZ National Champion Masters Figure 50+ 2016
Natural Olympia Grand Masters Champion 2016 & 2017
PNBA Pro 2018